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Surely there's time to let those other guys try to qualify

Some observations from the Observer's beat writer on what was supposed to have been qualifying day:

Qualifying used to be a two-day affair

It's a shame that NASCAR doesn't at least try to get qualifying in for at least the cars that aren't guaranteed starting spots. There were 12 cars entered for eight slots in the starting field, and Thursday's rainout meant Brad Keselowski, Scott Speed, Bryan Clauson and Derrike Cope didn't even get a shot of making the field.

Letting only the go-or-go-home cars take two laps wouldn't take long. Time could be found for it. The eight who make the race would have to start at the back of the field, but the ones who get to race still have to start back there anyway. It's just fundamentally wrong not to at least try.

Uh, no, Mr. Stewart, I didn't write that

A military vehicle with a missile launcher was used in the photo opportunity after the U.S. Army was announced Thursday as a sponsor for Ryan Newman at Stewart-Haas Racing for next season. I have to say that the idea of team owner/driver Tony Stewart having access to a missile launcher is a worrisome prospect.

It's a lonely job

The only There's a standing joke among motorsports media that the local reporter is responsible for weather at his or her track. So far, I guess that means I'm not doing a very good job this week.