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Goodyear official touts progress on Indy tire compound

Stu Grant, general manager of Goodyear Worldwide Racing, said Tuesday that NASCAR's tire supplier thinks it's heading in the right direction with the tires being tested by Cup teams this week at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Grant said Goodyear's test of residue from tires that did not perform well at this year's Allstate 400 at Indianapolis showed the compound use came off the tires in dry, dust-like particles that did not adhere to the track and allow a racing groove to "rubber in" as it had in past Indy races.

Goodyear changed the compound to make it stickier and that seemed to help teams make longer runs without tire issues before rain interrupted the test Tuesday afternoon.

"Knowing that we needed to change that particle size, we've done formulations that give you the stickier wear, for lack of another term," Grant said. "We've got what we believe to be a good start toward a 2009 race recommendation."

Grant said there will be another test in April to finalize the recommendation for the Cup race at Indianapolis.