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Vickers' crew shouldn't look for any slack, Greg Zipadelli cautions

Don't look for Tony Stewart crew chief Greg Zipadelli to try and play nice with Brian Vickers' team anytime soon.

Zipadelli was steamed after what he said was Vickers' refusal to cooperate in the pits last week in Kansas.

Stewart was delayed three times getting out back on the track because Vickers - who was pitted in front of Stewart - had issues getting out his pit stall. Stewart nearly made contact with Vickers' gas man during one early pit stop.

Zipadelli said if Vickers and his team didn't want to work together, "that's their prerogative."

"I can't get mad about it," Zipadelli said. "But what I'll do is I won't ever cut them any slack again."

Stewart took his anger out on Vickers on the track, and made contact with the No. 83. While Vickers finished the race, Stewart slid across the infield, which damaged a spoiler. He finished 40th and is 11th in the Chase standings, 255 points behind leader Jimmie Johnson.

Zipadelli wanted Vickers to pull up in his pit to give Stewart - who was behind him - more room so he could in turn make it easier for Greg Biffle to pit. Stewart and Biffle are both racing for the championship, and Vickers is not. By not pulling up far enough in his stall, Vickers made it difficult for Stewart to exit because Stewart was pulling up in his stall to give Biffle more room.

"When it comes back around, and they are capable of winning a race one of these days, and we don't give them the room they need, they are going to understand what it is to work with other people," Zipadelli said.

"It wasn't like we were racing them for the win and they wanted to play those little games. There was nothing to win. Nothing to lose, nothing to gain on either side other than putting us in the predicament that it put us in all day."