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Team owner hopes going green will equal going fast

DOVER, Del. - Veteran NASCAR owner Frank Cicci, whose team amassed 19 wins in what is now the Nationwide Series, is planning a return to the series with a much "greener" race team.

Cicci said his new "Get Green Racing" organization hopes to be the first in NASCAR focused on "Earth-friendly" objectives while also succeeding on the track.

"We are taking a green approach to all of our actions, from the garage to the track, and working to promote Earth-friendly sponsors with the race team," he said. "Any small difference we can make in the lives of our fans is worth it to ensure the future of the sport."

Cicci's plan involves recycling and reuse in the race shop, in team offices and at the track. The team is seeking sponsors for the 2009 season with similar environmentally friendly objectives.