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Roush Fenway exec laments NASCAR's limits on Cup teams

Roush Fenway Racing president Geoff Smith said Friday that NASCAR's edict that no team will be allowed to have more than four Sprint Cup entries after next season is going to have repercussions beyond its top series.

"We have challenges for cost management," Smith said. "Our Cup program costs have escalated quite a bit. And just because the costs escalate doesn't mean the sponsorships pay for that. Sponsorships don't pay more than the market value that justifies their program.

"Driver salaries are significantly up and we're facing the loss of 20 percent of our operating revenue from our Cup program as we go from five to four (cars in 2010)," he added.

One problem with that, according to Smith, is that Roush has always underwritten its strong Truck series program from its profits in other areas, particularly Cup.

"We have always made an investment in the Truck series," he said. "In fact, we've put 29 teams on the race track in the course of the Truck series. Bill Davis has put 16 and the other big owners have been less than a handful. And every one of those 29, we've underwritten.

"Our ability to maintain a presence there is going to be significantly challenged as we face the escalation of costs and the drop of revenue. I don't know as we speak here, how that's going to turn out."

Roush is fielding two trucks full time in 2008.