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NASCAR's new car getting better reviews

Sprint Cup teams have used the new NASCAR car at Las Vegas and California for the first time in this week’s test and there are some signs drivers are getting used to it fairly quickly.

“It has gone really well,” said Kevin Harvick, driver of the No. 29 Chevrolets.

“I think everybody in the garage is pleasantly surprised with how well the cars drive on the bigger. I think as we are able to focus on one particular car, I think the cars, the handling, will get better and better.”

Carl Edwards, driver of the No. 99 Fords, agreed.

“I was nervous about running these cars on these bigger race tracks,” Edwards said.

“I wasn’t sure how they’d handle, but the engineers have been doing a great job of getting the cars so that they feel real nice.

"All the stuff I was concerned about, the front end dragging the ground and the splitter bouncing off the pavement and stuff like that, it seems that they’ve got that under control pretty well, so I’m pleasantly surprised.”