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Kyle Busch no fan of age limits

Kyle Busch felt the impact when NASCAR raised its minimum age for competitors in its top-three series to 18. Now the idea of making 21 the minimum for Sprint Cup has surfaced, and Busch is against it.

“They don't really need to make an age requirement because they can allow anybody they want to to race in the Cup Series by determining by their ability to race,” Busch said of the system already in place by which NASCAR approves drivers for various sizes of tracks based on their performance and experience.

“Who I'm talking about basically is Joey Logano. You've got a 17-year-old kid who is the best talent that we've got that we've seen. Not just Joe Gibbs Racing, but NASCAR, that we've seen coming up through the years and the ranks and stuff that has the ability, that can get the job done.

“You get him into a Nationwide Series car this year. He wins a few races this year. You get him into the Nationwide Series next year, he dominates and wins the championship. The following year he wins the championship again. You're going to make him run again because he's not yet 21? That's stupid.

“If they think a person isn't quite qualified to race in the Cup Series they can hold them back. I think a lot of this might have to do with just the off-track stuff, the way - I don't know if I brought it on, which is going to be the Kyle Busch rule again for others again, I'm sorry.

" ... I'd say there's a better way to go about it than just requiring somebody to be a certain age.”