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NASCAR expected to go with gear change

Sprint Cup Series director John Darby said it’s likely the two options for rear-end gears teams will be allowed to use for Daytona Speedweeks will likely be different from the ones used in testing, which wrapped up Wednesday.

“It looks like the 375 gear is going to be a little too much,” Darby said, referring to one of two gears teams tested with. Cars using the 375 gear were nearing 9,000 rpm in drafts smaller than what they’ll see during actual competition, and NASCAR is worried that will put too much strain on restrictor-plate engines.

Teams could used 370 and 375 gears in testing. Darby said the 370 gear will likely be kept, but a 364 gear used as the option rather than the 375.

Kasey Kahne posted the fastest drafting speed in testing at 189.111 mph Wednesday to top the chart.

Because of threatening weather, NASCAR canceled a midday break and allowed teams to test straight through.

The weather held off and teams ran straight through until 4 p.m.