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Dad's return will be a boon, J.D. Gibbs says, but way team is run won't change

J.D. Gibbs knew his father wouldn’t be coach of the Washington Redskins forever.

“I guess it’s a good thing I never moved into his office,” said the younger Gibbs, who has been president of Joe Gibbs Racing since his father left the family’s race team on a full-time basis to go back to the NFL team four years ago.

Gibbs’ tenure with the Redskins ended Tuesday, and while J.D. Gibbs said it will great to have his father back around the race shop more often, nothing will change in the way the NASCAR team is run.

“As far as my role with the team goes – nothing changes, just like nothing really changed when he went back to the Redskins in 2004,” J.D. Gibbs said. “Obviously, it’ll be great to have him back here on a regular basis.

“It’s a biased opinion because he’s my dad, but there’s so much that he brings to the table. He has such a gift for leading a team. He’s been coaching for 40 years and a leader of this race team since we formed it in 1992.

"Having him back will be a huge encouragement to our 430 families and a benefit to all of our corporate partners.”