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Skinner, Hornaday resume Truck title fight

Mike Skinner said Friday that he’s not all that worried about how a pair of Indianapolis 500 drivers, Jacques Villeneuve and Dario Franchitti, fare in their first effort to race in the Craftsman Truck series at Martinsville.

“We’re focused on the No. 33,” Skinner said, referring to his own Toyota, “and on the No. 5.” The No. 5 is Ron Hornaday Jr., who leads Skinner by 14 points in the Truck Series standings going into Saturday’s Kroger 200.

Skinner and Hornaday have been locked in a tight battle atop the standings for several weeks, and with just five races left in the season that battle will likely only get more intense. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be going at each other too hard, Skinner said.

“If it comes down to one of us wrecking the other to win this championship it’s just not going to mean the same,” Skinner said.

“I think that would just shine a horrible shadow on NASCAR and the series. ... If it comes down to that, then it’s cheap.”