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Instant Karma? Or team orders, dude?

Kyle Busch said it wasn’t a big deal when, late in a Chase race at Dover, teammate Casey Mears was asked to let Busch pass him to get a position – and more points.

“We were running around there toward the end of the race with each other and we asked if he would give us a break and give us a spot if it wasn't going to hinder him any,” Busch said.

“He got asked that same thing by Jeff (Gordon), I think, at Kansas, and didn't lay over for Jeff at Kansas because he wants to finish the best he can.

“We had a team meeting about it and he talked about it and we agreed with him that it's not necessarily the best thing for him to do because he's battling a points deal, too.

"He's trying to get to 13th. Luckily he gave us a spot and we were very appreciative of it. We talked after the race and stuff so it wasn't a team order, it was his decision, ultimately.

“You try to help out with what you can to try to get a guy a championship. If it’s a teammate and you don't have a shot at it, why not? It will come back to you another way somehow. It's Karma, dude.”