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Taylor Gibbs, 3, completes first phase of leukemia treatment

The Gibbs family celebrated an off-track accomplishment this weekend: team president J.D. Gibbs’ 3-year-old son successfully completed his first phase of treatment for leukemia.

Taylor Gibbs has been undergoing intensive treatment since January, and the family had to move him into their basement to keep him segregated from his three older brothers and the germs he could have been exposed to.

But doctors recently switched him to a maintenance schedule of treatment that will last a little more than two years.

“We got him out of the basement, he’s upstairs with the other boys, running around,” Gibbs said. “Your immune system is so low, you just want to be careful with colds or anything. He could still go out, but for the most part, we tried to keep him separated.”

The family threw a “coming out of the basement” party on Saturday night.

“It just meant so much,” he said. “All the friends that helped out with food and taking care of the other boys, that’s great. It gives you perspective. On that hallway in the hospital, a lot of those kids don’t go home.”