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That's not what immediately comes to mind when you hear someone say 'trophy wife'

Jeff Burton might want to keep his wife, Kim, away from his Monster Mile trophy if he wins at Dover again: She broke the one he brought home last year.

When his wife decided to move the heavy trophy, she tripped and fell on it, shattering the trophy and breaking her ribs.

“It was quite a mess,” Burton said. “It hurt her, it really did. So the monster bit her.”

Burton said he eventually received a replacement trophy. But his bad luck didn’t end there after Burton remodeled his trophy room.

“I set the Darlington Southern 500 trophy on top of the Daytona one on a glass shelf,” he said. “Well, it didn’t like that. The glass shelf was cut too short, and it fell through the pins and landed on top of the Daytona one. We went through about $10,000 in trophies pretty quick.”