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Green means go, sometimes too early for TV

Rich Feinberg, vice president for motorsports for ESPN/ABC, said this week he hates it when his network doesn’t get back from commercial in time to show a restart – something that happened five times Saturday night at Richmond.

“I’m not happy when we miss a restart, either,” Feinberg said. He’s not sure what could be done to keep it from happening.

“I’m not sure what NASCAR should do or would do when it comes to stopping the game to do commercials, as is done in some other sports,” he said.

“Stopping a race car in the middle of the race is a tough deal. Even extending caution laps when we’re in a commercial, because we try to do our breaks after pit stops around a yellow flag, could ultimately affect the race because so many fuel mileage stories are involved at any given time.

“If there was any way I could predict what’s going to happen on the track, especially as it relates to incidents or green-flag passing while I’m in break, or if there’s somebody out there who knows how to do that, I’d love to give them a job sitting next to me in that truck, because we’d all feel a lot better about it.”