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‘Oh, he’s OK, he got out,’ Burton says of wreck commentary, and 'they don’t have a clue'

Jeff Burton said that, unless a NASCAR driver is pulled out of his car and hauled off on a gurney, everybody assumes he’s completely OK.

“A lot of times we’re hurting more than people ever know about because you don’t want everybody to know you’re hurt,” he said. “I always laugh when I watch a race and a guy takes a big hit and he gets out of the car and someone says, ‘Oh, he’s OK, he got out.’ They don’t have a clue if he’s OK or not.

“So I always find that a little humorous. From the outside looking in, OK sometimes is a relative term, but this is a dangerous sport. Anytime you strap yourself into something that’s propelling down a straightaway at 200 miles an hour, you have the potential to get hurt and that’s just the way it is.”