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NASCAR expected to penalize Mayfield's team; Newman rolls out fan's winning paint scheme

Short takes from the race weekend notebook:

  • Penalties are expected against the No. 36 Toyota team of driver Jeremy Mayfield at Bill Davis Racing after problems before Friday’s qualifying.
  • The team had too much rear-end camber in inspection before qualifying and the problem was fixed, but then the car was too light on the right side. A crew member stuck a lead weight into a water bottle in an effort to correct that, which is of course against NASCAR rules.

  • The paint scheme for Ryan Newman’s No. 12 Dodge for Sunday night’s race comes from a 26-year-old fan from Springfield, Mo., named Raymond VanDerLinden, who won an online contest to design it.
  • The car wasn’t unveiled until Saturday, though, so it was almost all white when he qualified in it on Friday.

    “My dad was spotting for me and he said that white car really stood out on the track,” Newman said.