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Kyle Busch confirms Gibbs teams will be running Toyotas

FONTANA, Calif. – Hey, in case you haven’t heard, Joe Gibbs Racing is switching to Toyota for the 2008 Cup season.

Yes, the news conference announcing that is still scheduled for next week, but Kyle Busch rendered that exercise largely moot Friday at California Speedway.

“We were just always kept in the loop on what exactly was going to happen with that and, when they finally made their decision, they went ahead and called us,” said Busch, who will drive for the No. 18 Gibbs team in 2008.

Asked what that call was, Busch replied, “That they were going with Toyota.”

Busch said he’s “pretty much OK with” the move.

"It’s something more so that crew chiefs, the engineers and all those guys need to approve on,” Busch said. “Us drivers, it doesn’t matter what we’re driving.”

Busch said he talked to Mark Cronquist, the head engine builder at Gibbs, about Toyota engines as Busch was considering where he would be going after leaving Hendrick Motorsports this year.

“They brought Mark in because I had a bunch of questions about the motor stuff,” Busch said. “You know (Toyota’s) got a lot of questions in that area with the motors because they’ve got, supposedly, the top-end power, but they don’t have the bottom end and stuff like that.

“Mark alluded to me that they feel like their package that they have in the Chevrolet engines, especially with the new R-7 stuff, that they can translate that into the Toyota stuff and, hopefully, have a pretty good piece come January.”