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Stewart has fun on new surface, presses for finish

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Just how do drivers like Bristol’s new surface?

Tony Stewart, for one, says he had more fun in Saturday night’s race then when he won the event in the 2001 season.

“This was the most fun I’ve had at Bristol in my career. Even the night I won wasn’t as much fun as tonight was,” Stewart said. “You could just race all over the race track.

“It was kind of nice not to have to move people out of the way. That was what was fun. We had 120 some-odd laps at the beginning of the race without a caution; we only had two cautions almost to halfway.

“I wish we could have gotten to the front a little earlier but it was just fun.”

Stewart finished fourth and appeared the only car in the top-10 in the final 10 laps able to gain ground on the leader, Carl Edwards.

"I could have settled for eighth place real easy (but) feel really proud that we came back and finished fourth," he said.