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Petty to expand alliance with Gillett Evernham

Robbie Loomis, vice president of racing operations for Petty Enterprises, said the organization is planning to greatly expand its alliance with the new Gillett Evernham Motorsports by next season.

In addition to getting engines from Gillett Evernham, Petty also hopes to receive car chassis and technological support, including the sharing of wind tunnel data.

Loomis also admitted he was aware of other Cup teams’ interest in driver Bobby Labonte, who has a contract through the end of next season.

“Before it was three months to six months before a contract was up people were working deals, now they’re working on their deals a year-and-a-half out to put things in place,” he said.

“Bobby has been a great asset to Petty Enterprises and brought a lot of stability to it. We look at Bobby Labonte as a cornerstone of Petty Enterprises, hopefully for the next four or five years.”