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Heat races? Bad teams would fall farther behind

Some observations from The Charlotte Observer's David Poole:

  • Jimmie Johnson has slid from second to ninth in the standings in seven races, but Johnson is still 265 points ahead of 13th with six races to go before the Chase for the Nextel Cup cutoff.
  • The team can’t afford to keep having wacky stuff happen, but this is a team that for some reason has a streak like this just about every summer. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Johnson win at Pocono, but if he has another bad weekend, count on the buzzards to start circling big time.

  • People keep sending e-mails saying the way to solve the dilemma over Nextel Cup qualifying is to have heat races for the final few spots.
  • Just stop it.

    The Cup series needs heat races like a fish needs a bicycle. If you really want to kill off the teams that are struggling to stay alive, make them run races to earn the right to race and get paid. They’ll just have to buy more tires and tear up more stuff and still won’t get any money for it.

    It’s a stupendously bad idea.

  • If the Busch race at Montreal comes off well this weekend, should NASCAR ditch Watkins Glen and move the Cup race north of the border?
  • No.

    What NASCAR should do is walk down the hall of their Daytona Beach headquarters to the folks at International Speedway Corp. and tell them that it’s long past time they spend the money to bring Watkins Glen up to standards.

    The fans in upstate New York have supported that track with their dollars, and it’s high time ISC give some of that money back to the historic facility so it can actually become a place where racing’s biggest series should go.

  • I don’t think ESPN put enough thought into the name of their little trick that supposedly show how the air travels over race cars.
  • “Draft Track?”

    Come on, any local television station can do better than that. Wouldn’t “Super Max-Doppler Vortex HD 5000” at least make it seem like you weren’t just looking at a cartoon flames?