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'I came here for the sheep.' Where did former SF Giants reliever Brian Wilson pop up?

Former San Francisco Giants reliever Brian Wilson, who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues since 2014, has resurfaced in Britain, of all places on an Amazon Prime Video show called “The Grand Tour,” reports Alyssa Pereira of

Wilson, a quirky, lovable character who played a key role for the Giants during the 2010 season when they won their first championship since moving west from New York in 1958. The right-handed fireballer was known for his tattoos, a long, well-kempt beard and a Mohawk hairdo.

In Season Two’s second episode of “The Grand Tour,” Wilson was pitted against South African cricketer Kevin Pietersen as they raced sports cars around a track to find out “who’s the fastest person in the world who earns a living … from catching small balls.”

Wilson, sans facial hair, wore hot-pink loafers, a sport coat with yellow flowers, a floral-print hat and pink shirt with an image of a fox and the slogan, “Zero Fox Given.”

In the end, Wilson was aced by three-tenths of a second in his race against Pietersen.

“You have come a long way for nothing,” the host tells Wilson. Wilson responds by pointing to the livestock in a projected background image behind and says, “I came here for the sheep.”