Quick fix: How would you repair the 49ers?

Mike Nolan is out.

Mike Singletary is in.

To say the least, the 49ers are a franchise in disarray.

Short of bringing back former owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., we ask this question: What would you do to fix this once-proud franchise?

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I would first of all take out the starting quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan and find a veteran quarterback that actually played in games and has the experience to lead a team into the playoffs. I would get rid of Mike Martz. It seems his sophisticated offense is even confusing his own team with JTO always having to tell everyone where to go. The 49ers need their old West Coast offense back. So I would get an offensive coordinator that has been successful with this. So fire Martz, replace JTO and add the traditional West Coast Offense that Bill Walsh started. Bill Walsh created the famous West Coast Offense playbook. It’s the same plays on offense as when Mike Singletary played under when he was playing.



1. Make people accountable. If someone misses an assignment, catch or tackle, make there corresponding team (D-line, receivers, secondary) do laps or push-ups per mistake. Think Pvt. Pyle from Full Metal Jacket getting a "blanket party" for not being able to complete a course or sneeking in donuts. 2. Bench or cut stragglers. The head coach is gone, time to weed out the players from the fakers. Get the vet's to step up and get the rookies, ect. to get on the same page, buy into the system. 3. Make a big sign. Roy Williams just got signed to our biggest threat to only reinforce their power. Big time receiver or a head coach (given Singletary doesn't take them to a respectable record) like Bill Cower. We could use a REAL defense-driven, run-based offense to hold that ball as long as possible. My friend and a family season ticket holder since 1948 says the same thing every game, which is. ... Players make plays. Nothing could be further from the truth.



Since you will not let us bring back Eddie D, the first thing that has to be done is the team needs to be sold to people who LOVE football and want to WIN with honor, grace and dignity.

Then we need to start looking for all those men who want to play and have heart, rather than dreams of wearing a $50 million dollar blue-tooth in their ear. We need a team of nobodies, men who want to play and want to win and want to bring smiles to the faces of the fans.

We need a miracle.


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