City's elite bowlers set to square off

The 2007-2008 Bowler of the Year qualifiers have been announced by the Modesto USBC Association and the roll-off is scheduled for Aug. 10.

Of the 4,000 association members, 96 of the top average or most improved bowlers for the season have been divided into four divisions -- Scratch, Handicap, Senior and Youth.

In Scratch, the four high averages for both men and women from each bowling center will go head-to-head. The men representing McHenry Bowl will be Freddy Irvin, Mike Wolf, Jay Glover and Bill Hamilton. Yosemite's four are Wayne Garber, Jason Dewar, Rich Custer and Rick Francis. Sharon Aronson, Bonnie Garber, Randi Blomdahl and Carol Heed from Yosemite Lanes combine with Dionne Williams, Sue Sprenger, Mary Figures and Tracy Marshall from McHenry complete the women's roster.

Handicap is based on the most improved averages for bowlers in four different average categories. The men's 190-and-above qualifiers are Gene Rojas, Adrian Davalos, Cody Stocke and Willie Higle. In the 170-189 average group the qualifiers are Adrian Davila, Craig Ronyack Jr., Tim Johnson and Anthony Souza will compete. From the 150-169 averages Don Berry, Erich Reich, Mark Slocum and Richard Shyrock made the list, and in 149-and-under Tim Pavlacky, Ed Chesney, Jeff Barton and Aaron Dicalogero qualified.

For women 180-and-above, Daisy Bringman, Carolyn Drouin, Stephany Perry and Robin Webb earned spots. The 160-179 averages were Jessica Park, Denise Draper, Casey Stephenson and Cathy Postma making the list. For the 140--159 average, Tassie Parkay, Berta Blessing, Virginia Higle and Debbie Myetich qualified. In 139-and-below, Raina Autrey, Carol Zwald, Vale Maxson Spaulding and Carroll Franklin round out the field.

Senior men qualifying for the roll-off in high averages are Steve Plant, Fritz Klatt, Ray Gamble and Rudy Domingo for high averages. Manny Simas, Fred Youman, Curtis Long and Gene Althoff qualified for most improved. The Senior women qualifying in high averages are Gloria Chin, Sharon Zimmerman, Sharon Moore and Janet Spooner, and Gloria Loudermilk, Gretel Weiglein and Irene Larson for most improved.

Joining the 64 adult bowlers in the competition are 32 youth bowlers. Youth categories are separated by age.

Qualifying for Bantam boys are Casey Custer, Joel McCoy, Javonte Allen and Dominic Nance. The girls are Sierra Vitale, Reyna Guel, Emily Greenwood and Sienna Espinoza. In Prep boys, Jonathan Humphrey, Jacob Brandao, Joseph Fried and Seth Harris join Prep girls Shannen Castle, Julia Serrano, Rylie Custer and Jewelya Hotchkiss in the roll-off. The Junior field includes boys Nathan Fiske, Zach Chamberlain, Will Garber and Joey Shaw, while Rebecca Johnson, Karen Brown, Katie Sue Heatherman and Gracie Doty. Major/Seniors Scott Christensen, Cody Amaral, Brian Garber and Joseph Rhyne qualified for the boys; Rose Brown, Kelly Smith, Natalie Hunter and Keni Perry represent the girls.

The roll-off will start at McHenry Bowl at 10 a.m. with three games, and then move to Yosemite Lanes to finish the last three games and the awards presentation.

Ralph Baker won the men's side of the Yosemite No-tap with his 945 score. Louie Taddei finished second at 885, with Harold Walker third at 880. Kathleen Walker topped the women's list with a 901 set. Rose Baker rolled an 895 for second, and Janie Schropp finished third at 863.

This Friday, a Senior No-tap is set for 1 p.m. at McHenry. Check-in is at 12:30.

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