No shortage in summer highlights

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Between the 15-inning All-Star Game, the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal duel, Tiger Woods' U.S. Open win on a broken leg and Fresno State's Cinderella-times-100 NCAA title, we've enjoyed one eventful summer.

About Yankee Stadium: You can't bulldoze memories.

Josh Hamilton sent 13 consecutive pitches out of the park during the Home Run Derby -- one last burst from The House That Ruth Built.

The American League walloped the National League 149-103 in interleague games, then increased its unbeaten run in the All-Star Game to 12 games. The NL blames Dan Uggla for everything.

Uggla committed three errors, struck out three times and stranded six baserunners. Only Barry Bonds' PR man has fared worse.

The game came perilously close to forcing non-pitchers David Wright and J.D. Drew onto the mound. But who cared about them? The next guy warming up was Commissioner Bud Selig.

The Giants' Tim Lincecum missed the game when his stomach was flipping as fast as his curve.

If it finishes after midnight on the East Coast, it must be either the All-Star Game or the World Series.

Roger Clemens' HGH receipts have surfaced. Clemens claims the letters stand for "Human Growth Honey."

Tri-Valley Athletics, which trains at a Port of Stockton warehouse and already has produced five Olympians -- including Modesto's Suzy Powell -- needs monetary help. Visit

The Beijing-bound quintet: Powell, high jumper Amy Acuff, world-champion pole vaulter Brad Walker, Canadian sprinter Anson Henry and national heptathlon champion Hyleas Fountain (trained there for a few weeks last spring).

Couldn't have been a worse-timed injury: Abby Wambach, U.S. women's soccer. Think Mia Hamm in team impact.

Three Tour de France riders have been banished for drugs. And we're still supposed to take this event seriously?

The latest reason why Brett Favre can't let go: His final pass was an interception that cost his team a playoff game.

Or: Could you walk away after your last major interview was with Greta Van Susteren?

Embarrassed on draft day, almost inactive for three years and now treated like roadkill by Favre: Aaron Rodgers, we feel your pain.

Too bad Tiger Woods' medical updates stole the headlines, because that was one special win by U.S. Women's Open champion Inbee Park (19).

Joe Montana switched his son out of De La Salle because the football powerhouse, according to Joe, wouldn't suitably display his son's skills. Which makes Montana look like any other over-the-top parent.

One of the great falsehoods: I had to transfer my son because he wouldn't have gotten enough exposure at (insert school here).

If your son or daughter is good enough and they're playing for Neptune High, they'll be found.

Giants draft pick Buster Posey received the "Golden Spikes" award honoring college baseball's best player. No big deal until you factor in Lincecum also winning it in 2006.

The can't-miss prospects seen at Thurman Field the last 30 years: Rickey Henderson, Kirby Puckett, Jose Offerman, Miguel Tejada, Tim Hudson and Evan Longoria.

What's next this summer, you ask? How about an about-face rally by the Giants?

Sorry. Must be the heat.

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