Leading Off

Fans rally for Favre

Brett Favre's fans came to his defense Sunday, rallying outside Lambeau Field to pressure the Green Bay Packers to reinstate him as the starting quarterback. The crowd of more than 100 chanted "We want Brett," and 4-year-old Brady Blocksom, above, held a sign reading "Bring 4 Back 4 More." Many in the parking lot wore No. 4 jerseys, tossed footballs and grilled. "We've always appreciated the passion of our fans," the Packers said in a statement. The rally in Green Bay was the brainchild of brothers Adam and Erick Rolfson, who Friday tried to think of a way to keep Favre in Green Bay. Another rally is planned for tonight in suburban Milwaukee and every Sunday thereafter at Lambeau Field until Favre is back.

Tiananmen Square an issue for media

Broadcasters and the IOC are pushing China to keep its promises and open Tiananmen Square to more hours of live coverage for the Beijing Olympics. Unfettered access to Tiananmen, site of a bloody crackdown on the 1989 democracy movement, is being used to gauge how far China's communist government will go in granting press freedom, which it promised seven years ago to help win the Olympic bid. Last week, Chinese officials decided live broadcasting from Tiananmen would be limited to two time slots -- 6-10 a.m. and 9-11 p.m. This comes after promises of open coverage, which was followed months ago by a reported ban on any live coverage.