Mother Lode basketball 'extravaganza' full of scoring

How do you score a whopping 46 points in a quarter and lose a high school basketball game? By giving up 116 points in the game.

There was no shortage of scoring in the Mother Lode Extravaganza, an all-star doubleheader conceived by Columbia College coach Nate Rien in 2003.

The small-school game totaled 196 points, but that paled in comparison to the large-school event -- which boasted a 116-110 final.

The Light team scored 46 in the second quarter of the large-school game, hitting a half-dozen 3-pointers. Golden Valley's Demarya Moody scored 12 in the 10-minute quarter, and Pitman's Sam Madden nailed three treys.

"It's definitely exciting basketball and I think kids like to play this style," Rien said. "It's an all-star game, and offense is usually what rules in these games. This was certainly a crowd-pleaser."

The other highlights included:

Downey guard Booker Hinton winning the dunk competition, then scoring 21 points in the Dark team's win.

Big Valley's Jared Lunsford topping all scorers with 24 in the Dark team's 116-80 small-school loss. Pitman's Adam Lewallen scored 23 points and was the large-school MVP after leading the Dark team to a win.

Modesto forward Josh Jones was the most impressive frontcourt player in either game, using his agility and soft shooting touch to score 16 points on inside shots and jumpers out to 15 feet.

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