Tex Nex, H&R Auto, Dan's top USBC City event

The final squads of the Modesto USBC City Tournament have been rolled, and the unofficial prize list has been released. The tournament featured team, doubles and singles in three divisions: mixed, men's and women's.

Topping the Mixed Division was the team of Tex Nex posting a 3,363 total. Team members Sandra Pineda, Nick Casucci, Christina Alvarez, Anthony Najera and Joey Guerrero totaled 2,771 pins scratch and added a 592 handicap for first place. Najera scored a 632, and Pineda threw in a 204 game.

The Sink the Pinky team finished second, more than 100 pins out with a 3,248 score. John Potter, Frank Schillaci, Melissa Hill, Destry Thrasher and Wes Hyvonen make up the team. In third was Vanessa Brown Homes with a score of 3,231.

H&R Auto Body topped the women's list, tallying a 3,212 score. Team members include Darlene Valocsik, Maren Akers, Alice Lazzerini, Marcie Ingalls and Claudelle Bonaccinie. The team finished with 2,552 and a 660 handicap.

Dan's Distributing came out in front in a high-scoring men's division. Jeff Sartin, Don Mathey, Charles Abbley, Norm Wiggins and Rick Francis scored a 3,549 total, 3,513 scratch plus a 36 handicap. Abbley led the team with a 773 set on games of 258-299-216. Wiggins added a 736 and Francis a 729.

In second was 4 Portagees and a Lefty. Ed (700), Aaron (650), Anthony (625) and Jeremy Rocha (704) joined Bill Hamilton (740) to complete the lineup. The team added a 91 handicap for a score of 3,510. Dave Ramsey's No Name team was third with a 3,472. Ramsey was joined by Jay Glover, Terry Osborn, Freddy Irvin and Dave Bolles on the scratch team. Bolles had a 772 set, Irvin a 755 and Glover a 717.

Tracy Marshall teamed with Alan White to take the lead in mixed doubles. Marshall tossed a 617, White a 635, and the pair qualified for 91 pins handicap for a 1,343 total. Two pins out is the duo of Melissa Hill and Destry Thrasher at 1,341.

Stacey Marckese and partner Jamie Marksman topped women's doubles with a 1,361 score. Marksman posted a 247 game and Marckese a 220 game. Peggy Park and Patti Garcia held second with a 1,356.

The doubles team of Scott Harris and Richard Custer was high in men's doubles. Custer rolled games of 267-258-258 for a 783, and Harris posted a 657 for a 1,440 total. Holding second were Ron Bonander and Jessie Waddell at 1,395. Aaron Scott and Donnie McKinney were third at 1,390.

Manny Simas topped men's singles after rolling a perfect 300 game. He ended with an 819 set on games of 191-237-300, plus 91 pins handicap. Wes Hyvonen held second at 786 on a scratch score of 724 and 62 pins handicap. In third at 780 was Dan Hogan with a 747 set and 33 pins handicap.

The top spot in women's singles was held by Fonda Jameson at 752. The 136-average bowler tossed games of 202-198-151 and added 201 handicap pins. Jessica Park scored a 732 for the second spot. Park had a 600 scratch, including a 253 game, and added 132 handicap pins. Melissa Hill was third with a 715. She had a 601 scratch score and 117 pins handicap.

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