Your Take: When will the sniveling end?

Over the years, I have read in The Bee many letters criticizing Modesto Christian. For the most part, I have been amused, and at times even entertained.

Most critics are usually students taking out frustration or resentment. Other critical letters, however, are obviously composed by adults, who should feel at least some responsibility to do a little research before firing off a letter filled with misdirected anger and/or frustration.

In the recent letter "Bee has MC Pom-Poms," the writer achieved in four paragraphs to virtually sum up the past 10 years of MC basketball history. Where does the writer claim to get his vitally important information? What is his source? Who is the "Mole" in "The Factory"? The writer gives no account as to how he KNOWS these allegations are in fact facts.

First, MC and all area schools are members of the CIF and therefore are governed by a strict set of rules that include eligibility requirements. I would say MC is held to a much higher standard than most schools. To say The Bee has been consistently kind to MC over the years that the basketball team has been a winning program is simply not the truth.

The Bee has been at times critical as well. I well remember when Modesto High won the state title in Division II many years ago. The Bee did a great job covering that team. News is news. If MC loses in the first round next year, will The Bee continue to cover them or the teams that are moving on to the next round? Take a guess.

I questioned the writer concerning his source of MC information. My guess is it is indeed The Bee, which has covered MC through many good and not so good times, as well as many, many, posted uninformed letters.