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Trinitas piece inaccurate

Ron Agostini's Jan. 23 column praised the not-yet-open Trinitas golf course in Calaveras County as "a special golf hideaway." He also praised its owner and his plans for more development at the site.

What Agostini failed to mention is that the property owner built the golf course entirely without any permits from the county on agricultural land that is legally off-limits to such development.

In his column, Agostini bemoaned the fact that the county is now requiring a full EIR (after the fact) for the golf course and facilities, and he claimed that "environmentalists have lodged a predictable protest." The truth is that the overwhelming percentage of complaints and opposition to this illegally created development have come from the nearby residents of the site who simply want the general plan followed and their rights preserved. The county's plan clearly forbids such commercial development in this agricultural portion of the county.

Your readers deserve fair and accurate information on such matters, even in sports columns.


Twain Harte

I can do better than you

The sports page is lacking something. I don't have enough space to type so I'll make it brief.

First, Stu Rosenberg is the worst fantasy columnist ever, all he talks about is how bad his teams are doing. If his teams suck so much, obviously he has no idea about fantasy sports. I would love to write a fantasy column for your paper and I would do it for free. I guarantee you readers would appreciate some real expert advice about fantasy sports and not just how much it sucks being at the bottom of your league.

Another thing, I know Ron Agostini has been around awhile, but his work on obscure local sport stories has no business on the front page! Save the front of the sports page for some real editorials. And if you can't find someone local to write them, buy one off the San Jose Mercury (News), or one of the many writers who write in the Bay Area.

Plus, can we please get a little more detail on our basketball box scores? Most box scores tell us the individual stats on rebounding, assists, steals ... not just the game-high leaders.

I'm a 39-year-old father of three boys, I didn't go to college and I have no journalism degree. But I know sports pages, I know sports, and I guarantee I could help you make your sports page a respectable one, or at the least a page worth looking at! Thank you.



Pre-teen steroids dilemma

My dilemma is the steroid issue. I am a 12-year-old left-handed pitcher, so, statistically I know I have a better chance of making it to the major leagues than most baseball players my age.

Our coach tells us we shouldn't do performance-enhancing drugs, but some kids on my team have icons like Barry Bonds, who has smashed records, and Roger Clemens, who throws the ball 95 mph at 45 years old.

How can I convince my teammates not to use steroids, or more importantly, how can I expect to succeed at a professional level without using performance enhancers myself?

I believe MLB's Players Association must banish all players that use performance-enhancing drugs in order to level the playing field for the players who are clean. They must enforce rigorous blood testing and more severe punishment to rid themselves of these cheaters. I don't want to use drugs, but my passion is baseball. I want to make it to the majors.

For my generation to succeed in this sport, while staying clean of drugs, baseball must change its ways.


Valley Springs

Outraged with ESPN anchor

Dana Jacobson's disgraceful and unprofessional behavior on ESPN, insulting not just Notre Dame University but Jesus Christ himself, must be vigorously and publicly addressed in a meaningful way.

Her so-called apology is incomplete and insincere. She must be made an example of and summarily fired. I am fed up with the generally anti-Christian bias which seems to be growing in America. If the same type of slur were hurled at feminists, homosexuals, African-Americans, Jews, or Muslims there would be no end to the outraged reaction.

But to say (expletive) to God is blasphemy! This goes far beyond the ordinary "hate speech" which is forbidden in public life. You must act!