Bee Staff Superbowl Predictions

EDDIE BROWN, copy editor

Michael Vick entering a Siberian bloodhound in the Westminster Dog Show is more likely than the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Last time I checked, Tom Brady doesn't throw with his ankle, so expect Mr. Bundchen to follow in the footsteps of his boyhood idol, Joe Montana, and collect his third Super Bowl MVP. This will be a coronation: Patriots 55, Giants 10.

BRIAN VanderBEEK, writer

Perfect playing conditions will create the perfect atmosphere for a near-perfect rout to complete the Patriots' perfect season. Should be a perfectly dreadful game. Patriots 48, Giants 16.

TOM HOLLIDAY, copy editor

For the Giants to win, they'll have to rattle Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. And Brady doesn't rattle. Logan Mankins and the rest of his offensive line has shown it can handle New York's army of five-star pass-rushers -- the Giants sacked Brady just once when the Pats won 38-35 in Week 17, and that was by an unblocked blitzing linebacker. Unless Brady's sore ankle is much worse than he's letting on, it's Patriots Day. Patriots 34, Giants 24.

NOEL HARRIS, asst. sports editor

During their dynasty run, New England has won three Super Bowls, all by three points. However, they don't have Adam Vinatieri to get those precious points for them anymore. Problem for New York is Vinatieri's absence won't matter. Patriots 34, Giants 24.


Tom Brady. Randy Moss. Laurence Maroney. Wesley Welker. And perfect weather in Arizona. This one is too easy -- everything points to the Patriots steamrolling the overachieving Giants. Given two weeks to prepare a game plan, Bill Belichick is going to wipe the floor with the Giants' Tom Coughlin. Patriots 38, Giants 21.

WILL DeBOARD, writer

The New York Giants showed they could compete with the Patriots in their regular-season finale, and they're going to go even one better today. They have the defense to keep Brady in check, and their offense should be able to score just enough to pull off the shocker. Looks like it's me and Mercury Morris going with the underdog this year. Giants 27, Patriots 24.

STU ROSENBERG, copy editor

In the name of truth, justice and the American way, the Giants will deny the Patriots' bid for a perfect season -- ending global warming and stimulating the economy in the process. New York defensive linemen Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck will knock Lord Brady into next Friday and force personality-challenged Coach Belicheat to hire better spies the next time around. Giants 31, Patriots 28.

RON AGOSTINI, columnist

The game will be competitive if the Giants' base pass-rush bothers Tom Brady, but the Patriots are too close to 19-0 to miss their chance. They're Wolfgang Puck against Col. Sanders. Puck and the Pats, 38-31.

BILL POINDEXTER, sports editor

Mirror, mirror on the wall ... The Patriots of the new millennium are the Packers of the '60s, the Steelers of the '70s, the 49ers of the '80s, the Cowboys of the '90s and, just to give Oakland some love, the Raiders of '77-'83. It's New England's time. The Patriots are more than just The Quarterback, despite what some people may think. New England is the owner, GM, head coach and assistants operating 11-man machines on offense and defense. And let's be honest, even the officials treat them like they're perfect. So, that wonderful offensive line never commits a holding penalty, huh? Patriots 45, Giants 20.

NICK LOZITO, copy editor

Let's see, we have possibly the greatest team in NFL history taking on the New York Giants, led by the third best quarterback in the Manning family. On one side, we have poise and experience. On the other, we have Eli Manning. The NFL Giants would have just as good a shot with Rick Moranis coaching and Icebox at middle linebacker. Patriots 42, Giants 14.