Leading Off

Kiffin wants to return

Lane Kiffin (top) said he hopes to be back as Oakland Raiders coach next season, a day after reports surfaced that owner Al Davis (bottom) has asked him to resign. Kiffin was asked after coaching the North team at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., on Saturday whether he wanted to return for a second season as Oakland's coach. "I hope so," he said. Kiffin would not comment further on a report by ESPN that Davis drew up a resignation letter for him two weeks ago. The Raiders denied the report after it came out Friday. Speculation about Kiffin's status began three weeks ago after reports surfaced following the season that he wanted to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The Raiders dismissed those reports and announced that Ryan was staying on as coordinator. Kiffin was reportedly upset that he didn't have control of his coaching staff, leading Davis to ask for his resignation. If Kiffin were to resign, he would not be paid for the remaining two years of his contract.

Are players chicken?

NFL officials are clucking about an offer by fast-food chain KFC to donate $260,000 to charity in the name of any player who celebrates a Super Bowl touchdown with a chicken dance. The Boston Herald reported that players who cross the line could face fines or suspensions. "KFC is not affiliated with the NFL in any fashion, so this is a textbook case of ambush marketing 101," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the paper. KFC spokesman Rick Maynard said agents of several players have contacted the company about the promotion, but the NFL warned those players to be careful."If a player acted in a way that was a reflection of a corporate message, then we'd have to take a look at it," McCarthy said.

Anti-Patriot act

Former President Bill Clinton wavered when asked who he'd be pulling for in the upcoming Super Bowl because "New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are Hillary's three best states." But eventually, he gave in and said he'd root for the New York Giants to upset the New England Patriots. "They're the underdog and they're my home team," he said. But once a politician, always a politician. "But I'm glad the Patriots are undefeated," he continued.

Stanford drops Cal

In a matchup of two college basketball teams ranked in the top 10, the Stanford women crushed Cal 72-52. Davis High graduate Ashley Walker (left) was held to 10 points.