The Word: Should golf reporter have been fired?

A few ill-chosen words by Kelly Tilghman led to a two-week suspension for the Golf Channel anchor and the firing of Golfweek magazine editor Dave Seanor.

Tilghman was suspended for saying young golf challengers to Tiger Woods should "lynch him in a back alley." In response, many -- including the Rev. Al Sharpton -- called for Tilghman to be fired. In the end, it was Seanor who was fired from Golfweek after approving this cover image on the topic: a swinging noose.

Here are Bee readers' responses to the question we posed in last week's edition of 'The Word': Should Tilghman have been fired?

Kelly Tilghman should not only not be fired -- she should not have been suspended. The whole thing is ridiculous.

She was making a joke that the only way anyone would be able to beat Tiger Woods was to "lynch him in a back alley," which I took (and I am sure she meant) that this would be the only way he would lose. For Rev. Al Sharpton to relate it to black racism is ludicrous. If Tiger Woods happened to be Caucasian, everyone would have had a good laugh and nothing else would have been said. Our society has become one of reverse discrimination. Kelly Tilghman should sue for being wrongly suspended.

-- ConcernedCitizen

Because she used the word "lynch"?

Someone is actually still listening to Al Sharpton?

People are way too sensitive. Her reprimand and suspension are called for and enough. No need for her to lose her job.

-- LetitFly

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