Everett returns to Buffalo

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- In an emotion-packed day that left teammates weeping openly, Bills tight end Kevin Everett returned here for the first time since suffering a spinal cord injury in September that left him temporarily paralyzed.

"You could see guys wiping their eyes as they met with him at the pregame meal," Bills general manager Marv Levy said.

"It was a very emotional thing seeing him back with the team. I think it was very beneficial for the team and for Kevin. He's meant a lot to our team, and everyone is just so happy about what's going on with him."

Everett, who suffered paralysis after tackling Broncos kick returner Domenik Hixon in the regular-season opener, has since regained the ability to walk and is expected to lead close to a normal life with further rehabilitation.

"It was a tremendous sight to see him for the first time just up walking around with a smile on his face," Bills receiver Lee Evans said. "That certainly touched everyone's heart before the game. It's something I don't think I will ever forget."

The Bills lost 38-21 to the New York Giants. Everett was not made available to the media.

For Hixon, now a Giants receiver and special-teams player, it was an emotional reunion with Everett.

"It was really great to see him and to just be able to talk with him," said Hixon, who had not spoken with Everett since the injury.

"He seemed really good, and that was very gratifying to me to see that he's getting better."