Kings' Williams returns to court

Justin Williams ran up and down the floor at the Kings practice facility Thursday, going high for rebounds on one end and dunking the ball in flying fashion on the other.

It was an impromptu showcase of the second-year player in all his athletic wonder, this from the 23-year-old who wondered for the last month if this sort of freedom would be short-lived.

"I really wasn't too worried about my career," said Williams, who was a suspect in a sexual misconduct investigation which became public Oct. 17 and ended Nov. 13. "Whatever would've happened with the team I would've understood, as far as letting me go or keeping me. At the time, I was just very, very concerned about my freedom.

"My name being tarnished, and my freedom. Those were the two things I was worried about. Basketball doesn't even matter."

At least not until now. Williams doesn't mind picking up where he left off, making the most of the fact that these Kings need rebounding and defense like he needed a lawyer to help prove his innocence.

The second-year player out of Wyoming who could play tonight against New York said he kept in good shape while on leave of absence from the team, lifting weights four days a week and doing conditioning five days a week.

And while he was surrounded by cameras and microphones once again Thursday, it was nothing compared to the Paparazzi style media scene when the Sacramento Police Department searched his house Oct. 17.

"I took mass media in college, so I know about sensationalizing," Williams said. "Whatever the hottest story is, they're doing their jobs just like the police did their jobs and everyone else did their jobs. I wasn't mad at the media."

Williams said he has decided to make the most of his experience.

"It helped me mature a lot," he said. "It helps me watch out for some of the people I'm hanging around. I'm not saying it was a good thing, but it was a good lesson learned."

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