The Word: Rockies will win World Series

In the scientific world, momentum is easy to define: mass times velocity (well, easy to define for adept Wikipedia users, that is).

In the baseball world, it becomes more complicated.

Many say, "Momentum is tomorrow's starting pitchers."

Obviously, it's not that simple, because "tomorrow" for the Colorado Rockies is actually Wednesday and their opposing pitcher hasn't been determined.

In non-scientific reality, momentum is a feeling, an emotion, an energy. It's what Soulja Boy brings to the dance floor. It's what gamblers bring to Vegas. It's what Golden State brought to its first-round series with Dallas (any chance I get).

Colorado, winner of 21 of 22 games overall and unbeaten in the playoffs, has all that and more. Facing the Rockies at this point is like looking toward the summit and seeing an avalanche charging your way.

Even more scary: This Rockies avalanche will likely become more treacherous. Todd Helton has gone 4-for-26 (.154 average) with no homers and one RBI in the playoffs. Former Modesto Nut Troy Tulowitzki can more than make up for any offensive struggles with his shoulder cannon. Even so, you have to expect more than his 5-for-28 (.179 average), one-homer, two-RBI performance thus far.

And don't be confused. This isn't your slightly older brother's Rockies. This isn't Bill Swift giving up 10 earned runs in 2º innings, then getting bailed out with a 510-foot Dante Bichette late-inning jack.

This isn't Andres Galarraga hammering homers into the stratosphere, then playing first base with the quickness of a stoned sloth. The Big Cat? Give me a break. Maybe if your cat just took a tranquilizer dart to the neck.

These Rockies can pitch, field and play small ball. Colorado finished 14th in the majors with a 4.32 ERA in the regular season, a respectable number considering the team's home games are played at an altitude that would make Buzz Aldrin a bit queasy. In the postseason, that ERA has dipped to 2.08.

So no need to break your wallets on a Texas Instruments calculator for this class, kids. There's a new equation for momentum: Rockies plus October.