College Athlete Of The Week: Vicente Moreno

Moreno was the top collegiate finisher (third overall) at Saturday's Gator Invitational in San Francisco, finishing the 8K course in 25 minutes, 29 seconds. Without leaders Bobby Olivera and Jose Morales, who had family commitments, Moreno paced the men in a fourth-place team finish. He was named the California Collegiate Athletic Association Runner of the Week.

PARENTS: Rafael and Elizabeth Moreno

HOMETOWN/HIGH SCHOOL: Union City/James Logan High

ON HIS DAY: Moreno needed a boost after straining a rib muscle on his right side at the Stanford Invitational on Sept. 29, forcing him to drop out of the race with breathing problems. Moreno was told to "go slow" in San Francisco by coach Kim Duyst. Despite the pain, he said he just couldn't hold back. "I went out a little faster than Coach Duyst wanted. But it gave me confidence I could finish. I wanted to run a good race. If I ran too slow, I'd run a really horrible race. I couldn't deal with the fact I had to drop out at Stanford. This one, it was important to finish no matter what."

MAJOR: "Economics. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Spanish this spring. Now I'm going for the major in economics, which had been a minor. I want to be a business administrator or a branch manager somewhere."

GOALS: "I never really think about things (like times or places). I don't dwell on it. I go out there and whatever happens by doing my best happens. As a team it would be great if we could all make it to nationals. Most of us are seniors and this is our only chance."

FAVORITE ATHLETE: "Michael Owen, an English soccer player. He made his debut in the World Cup when he was 18 and scored a goal. I looked up to him all through high school when I was playing soccer.

WHY RUNNING: "I was better in running. I played soccer at Chabot College. We got to the quarterfinals of the playoffs my freshman year. My sophomore year I was the only returner and we were horrible. I'm too light to play soccer. I'd get thrown all around the field."