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Matt Stover kicked three field goals, providing all the scoring for the Baltimore Ravens in a 9-7 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, who have now dropped three consecutive games.


Coach Mike Nolan's painfully conservative game plan played right into the hands of Baltimore's defense and caused frustrated 49ers fans to rain boos down on him throughout Sunday's game.


Kicker Joe Nedney missed a 52-yard field-goal attempt with 2:44 remaining that would have bailed San Francisco out of another inept offensive performance.


1: The number of first downs the 49ers managed in the first half.

163: The 49ers' total yardage.

52: San Francisco Pro Bowl running back Frank Gore was held to 52 yards rushing.


"I was hoping to play their kind of game at our place. It was a put-you-to-sleep kind of game at times, but the objective was to win."

-- Nolan

"I knew it would be hard. Nobody admires the mentality of defense they play more than I do. It is second to none. There's an attitude there, a belief system, a set of core values defensively that makes it very difficult to play good offensive football against them."

-- 49ers quarterback Trent Dilfer

"We're built a certain way as a team, and all we said was we won't lose this game. If we get the lead, we won't lose this game. I just think it shows the character of our team."

-- Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis

"We're a team that can play base defense and smack teams around. We were disappointed, though. We want to pitch shutouts, especially against a team that shouldn't have got a first down against us."

-- Baltimore linebacker Bart Scott


Any bets that the first play on the 49ers' next offensive series is a Frank Gore run into the line for no gain?

The 49ers' line is going out Trick or Treating on Halloween dressed as the 2006 Raiders offensive line.

This season is getting out of hand fast.

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