Leading Off

Ellis leaves hospital after Friday's scare

Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis was released from the hospital after injuring his neck in practice and was expected to sit out Saturday's workout. He left Castle Hospital in Kailua on Friday night on his own accord with what the team said was a neck sprain. Ellis underwent a battery of tests, including an MRI exam and CT scan, and all were normal. "It's as good as can be expected," Warriors spokesman Raymond Ridder said. He hit his head on teammate Brandan Wright's hip as he was driving toward the basket. He lay face down for 20 minutes, showing only slight movement before he was carried off the court on a stretcher.

Thomas' comments upset Sharpton

Al Sharpton promised to lead protests against Madison Square Garden unless Knicks coach Isiah Thomas apologizes for saying whites and blacks should be held to different standards regarding the use of certain derogatory language. "If, in fact, that's what Mr. Thomas said, he's wrong," the activist minister said at the weekly Harlem gathering of his National Action Network. In a videotaped deposition introduced at his sexual harassment trial, Thomas said: "A white man calling a black female 'b----,' that is wrong with me. I am not accepting that. That's a problem for me." But he added he wouldn't be as angry if the same words came from a black man. "I'm sorry to say. I do make a distinction," Thomas said.

Yankee marries USC basketball player

Moments after reciting their vows, Ian Kennedy and his new wife walked up the aisle to "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." What else? The New York Yankees' rookie pitcher married USC basketball player Allison Jaskowiak on Saturday evening in a ceremony outside St. Louis. "I was thinking, what's more nerve-racking, pitching in the big leagues for the first time or getting married?" Kennedy said. "It's a different emotion. I don't cry too much, but it was emotional." The couple was surrounded by family and friends -- but none of Kennedy's teammates who are on the Yankees' playoff roster were able to make it because of the team's 11-inning game that ended late Friday night in Cleveland.

Raiders getting job done with its O-line

Four weeks into the season, the rest of the NFL is learning that the Raiders' offensive line, one of the most maligned units in the league last year, is one of its most improved this season as Oakland leads the NFL with 194.3 yards rushing per game and has cut its sack rate in half from this time in 2006.

Theus out to prove he is the new King

New Sacramento Kings coach Reggie Theus is looking to restore some order to the team. He's begun with three new rules for the players.