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Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck passed for 281 yards and two touchdowns.


San Francisco backup quarterback Trent Dilfer, who spent four years in Seattle as Hasselbeck's mentor, went 12 of 33 for 128 yards in his first regular-season action since 2005 with Cleveland.


The goat could have easily been the 49ers offensive line, which allowed sack after sack, including one by Rocky Bernard that knocked Alex Smith out of the game with a separated shoulder. It was all downhill from there.


7: WR Darrell Jackson, traded to San Francisco in April after seven years in Seattle, had three quiet catches for 38 yards.

200: The 49ers have struggled all season offensively, failing to top 200 total yards in three of their four games.


"I think we have the most depth and the most experience throughout the conference. I think everybody knows that we're the team to beat, but we still have to go out there every week and prove that, so that's what we did."

-- Former 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson, who had three of the Seahawks' six sacks

"I'm too old for the revenge thing. I just was very disappointed in how we played last year. Shoot, this is my home, where I was born and raised and taught school and all those things, coached here. At the very least, I want my teams to come down here and play well."

-- Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren


Go to to sign the petition to relieve Norv Turner of his head coaching duties in San Diego. Here's hoping the Chargers will do the right thing after their shocking 1-3 start and let us have our offensive coordinator back. Power to the people!

The 49ers defense and special teams should tie their offensive counterparts to the goal posts during Wednesday's practice and leave them there overnight.

Please, someone wake Mike Nolan and alert him to the fact that Ashley Lelie is quite capable of running a go route.