Bowling: Local man wins Peach tournament

The prize list for the 58th Annual Peach Classic Tournament held at McHenry has been released, with local Jason Dewar taking the championship.

Dewar, who has a 226 average, took the event with his scratch scores. He rolled games of 238-245-259-278-210 for a total of 1,230.

The tournament prize fund totaled more than $34,000 with Dewar's first place paying $2,000. Jon Munoz of Hercules finished second, only one pin out. He rolled a 1,098 and added a 131 handicap for 1,229. Munoz pockets $1,000. Norm Palomares, a scratch bowler from San Francisco, was third with 1,222.

The Main prize list paid 150 spots, with 113th place paying $100. Low in the money was a 1,074 set. On the Men's 5 Game Scratch list, Dewar's 1,230 earned him top honors to add another $250 to his winnings. Palomares' score of 1,222 was second for $200. Aaron Pawloski recorded a 1,191 set to finish third scratch and take home $150. The list paid 25 places with low-to-cash at 1,118.

Jennifer Asplin headed the Women's 5 Game Scratch list with her 1,138 block. Asplin, from Brentwood, earned $250 for her efforts. Also from Brentwood, second-place Xan Halog rolled 1,134 to win $200. Low-to-cash at 15th was 983.

Asplin also topped the Women's High Game list when she included a 290 game in her set. The top game earned her $200. Rolling a 268, Elaine Oda-Asami, also of Brentwood, finished second for $150. Low women's game to cash was 218.

Rod McCrimmon finished at the top of the Men's High Game list when he rolled 290. McCrimmon, from Gonzales, earned $200. Emeryville's L.S. Jordan put in a 287 game for second and $150. In third, Robert Tillery from Waterford scored a 286 to make $100. Low men's game to cash was 257 at 54th place.

The 10 Game list, a combination of an entrant's high two sets, was topped by Christian Munoz of Alameda. He rolled a 1,195 and a 1,181 to total the 2,376 combined high. The win gave him $250. Munoz placed second with 2,353 (1,124 and 1,229). Munoz won $200. In third, Patrick Foley Jr. of Sparks totaled a 2,351 on sets of 1,171 and 1,180. He pocketed $175.

In local action, this Friday a Senior No-tap is set to roll at Yosemite at 1 p.m. Check-in is at 11:30 a.m.

ON SATURDAY, the USBC Modesto Awards and Installation Dinner is set for a 5:30 p.m. start at The Seasons on McHenry.

Dinner will be served at 6:30 with the program to follow. Jeff Chin will be installed as the association president for a two-year term. Jay Glover and Claudelle Bonaccinie will serve as vice presidents. Eight new board members will take their seats.

The 2007 Pioneer Award winner Julian Rodriguez will be honored for his lifelong commitment to bowling in Modesto. Scholarship winners Rose Brown, Kaylene Folks, and Kayley Olvera will be recognized for their scholastic and bowling achievements.

The eight Bowler of the Year winners will be presented their award plaques. Included are Brandon Perino (Men's Scratch), Bonnie Garber (Women's Scratch), Amanda Byers (Adult Handicap), Janet Spooner (Seniors), Rodney Brown (Youth Major), Nathan Fiske (Youth Junior), Robert Ford (Youth Prep), and Sagan Faus (Youth Bantam).

Raffles will cap off the evening with several major prizes to be won. Tickets are still available from the bowl desks.

Dallas Kadry can be reached at or 571-2695.