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RMP halts plans for massive racetrack complex near Atwater

Riverside Motorsports Park officials have instructed Merced County to cease all work related to their proposal to build a massive motorsports complex near Atwater.

RMP has also asked the county to return money it handed over earlier this year after county officials said they wouldn't do any more work on the company's behalf unless it paid up front.

Though RMP officials insist they are not walking away from the quarter-billion-dollar project, their request, made this week, certainly doesn't bode well for the proposal's future.

"Although we are terminating this contract, it should not be construed that we are abandoning the project at this time," RMP's vice president, Mark Melville, said in a letter delivered to the county this week. "You should know however that we continue to look at alternatives to lessen the project size while not compromising the economic impact to the county."