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Modesto Bee endorses McCain, Obama in California primary

The Modesto Bee today endorsed John McCain for the Republican party nomination for president and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. The newspaper issued its endorsements ahead of the California primary on Feb. 5.

The Bee also invited readers to take part in straw polls on to indicate how they plan to vote on "Super Tuesday."

Of McCain, The Bee said: "Whatever else can be said about the combative Arizona senator, this much is clear: He fights for what he believes in."

"McCain's position on immigration reform best fits the valley's needs. He favors a humane, realistic immigration policy that combines a guest-worker program, a path to citizenship and border enforcement -- all of which would help stabilize the crucial labor situation for the valley's agriculture industry."

In the Democratic race, The Bee chose Obama over Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. "We believe Obama is the strongest of the three, offering inspiring leadership and an openness to ideas that has been missing in the current administration," the editorial said.

"He has less time in the Senate than the others, but he had some very effective years as a legislator in the Illinois statehouse."

The Bee's GOP editorial and straw poll are available at this link .

The Democratic editorial and straw poll are available at this link.