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Deputies arrest alleged bank robber in Modesto

A parolee who allegedly robbed a Merced County Bank branch in about one minute is now spending a lot longer than that behind bars.

Suspect Tyrone Edward Stamps, 27, was arrested around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday in an apartment on the 1100 Block of Cedar Creek Court in Modesto, according to Merced County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Blake.

The Merced County Sheriff's Department's Tactical and Reconnaissance Team (STAR) and a California Department of Corrections parole officer arrested Stamps after he opened the apartment door and made an unsuccessful attempt to escape, Blake said. "He tried to close the door on us, we pushed the door open and took him down," Blake said.

Stamps was booked in Merced County Jail for a parole violation warrant and a robbery warrant. Because he is a parolee, he's being held without bail.

Blake said Stamps was staying with a woman at the apartment, who wasn't there when he was arrested. Blake said investigators believe Stamps had been at the apartment for at least four or five days.

Merced Police Commander Tom Martin said police canvassed the neighborhood around the bank after the robbery. Martin said more than one witness saw Stamps in the area about 45 minutes before the robbery, and police also found a key witness who was able to give "unique" information that led to Stamps being named as a suspect.

Stamps was wanted for an Aug. 3 daytime robbery of the County Bank branch at 490 W. Olive Ave. Video surveillance footage of the robbery showed a man dressed all in white, wearing a hat and mask, run through the doors of the bank and jump over the counter.

The footage shows the robber grabbing cash from the teller drawers and fleeing from the bank on foot. Martin said there were conflicting reports from witnesses about whether the robber was armed. After robbing the bank, the suspect ran out of the bank's west doors and fled toward the southwest.