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Why recall Jeff Denham? His broken promises

If Denham were serious about doing his job for us -- the people who just elected him -- why is he so busy collecting contributions for another campaign?

To make matters worse, breaking his promises to us is helping Denham collect huge contributions from big corporations, race tracks and casino operators. Where's that money coming from?

$50,000 came from Los Alamitos Race Course, an Orange County horse-racing track.

$49,000 came from the Native Americans and Peace Officers Political Action Committee -- which gets most of its funding from the owners of the biggest casinos in California.

Gambling interests aren't betting big on Denham because of his education record. They're banking on Denham -- as the former vice chairman of the committee that reviews gambling legislation -- to look out for them instead of working for us.

We've got a choice. We can sit back while Denham travels up and down the state, raking in money from special interests and selling us down the river -- or we can do something about it.

We've got real issues to deal with. Our schools need help. Water sources are in jeopardy. The home foreclosure rate is going through the roof.

Denham has turned his back on us. We can't wait three years for honest representation. If you care about our schools and our community, join us. Sign the petition to recall Jeff Denham.

Robbins is a Modesto resident and a leader in the Dump Denham recall effort.