Letters to the Editor

Harold Crumpley: Trump a bad fit for a world in midst of transition

About once in a lifetime Americans have had to face a political-economic transition, from agrarian to industrial and from industrial to military-industrial. Each era has been accompanied by devastating wars: the Civil War and two World Wars. Now, we face another such transition: from military-industrial to the “information age.” Can we find a way to co-exist and compete with other nations who want their fair share of the world’s resources, or are we going to insist on “America First” (a la Trump) and keep grabbing the lion’s share of resources to maintain our favored status in the world?

Some say the next major war will be about who controls those resources; others say it will be about religious beliefs and who controls people’s minds. Given the geo-political make-up of our world today, it might be both. If you are voting for Trump, to shake things up, you might get more than you bargain for.

Harold Crumpley, Modesto