Letters to the Editor

Bruce R. Frohman: Bee discovers Measure L is worse than I thought

Re “Former councilman is arguing against transportation tax” (Front page, July 24): Thank you for Garth Stapley’s great reporting about Measure L, the half-percent sales tax increase on the Nov. 8 ballot. Reading the article, I discovered two errors in the argument I wrote for the upcoming voter handbook.

First, the duration of the sales tax will be 25 years, not 20 years. Second, I estimated the cost to taxpayers at several hundred million dollars; Stapley reported that close to a billion dollars in higher taxes will be collected. Measure L is much worse than indicated in my opposition statement! I apologize to voters for my mistakes.

I affirm that the balance of my argument is correct. For persons on fixed incomes, increases in taxes and fees demanded by government this year are distressing. In Modesto, the water rate is increasing 25 percent; sewer and garbage fees are increasing this year. Property taxes are rising due to higher assessments. Proponents claim Measure L will result in a better quality of life. For whom? Seniors will have less disposable income, suffering a disproportionate amount of pain from higher taxes.

Bruce R. Frohman, Modesto