Letters to the Editor

Kathleen Ewins: DA’s case against Carson is thin; why does Bee protect DA?

Re “Key witness recants his statements in Kauffman killing case” (Page 3A, July 30): I am a San Francisco attorney who represented Frank Carson when the state bar sought to take over his law practice last year; I have no role in the criminal case.

I visited Carson once in jail and briefly glimpsed the physical and mental horror of his incarceration. Having read the 300-plus-page, impossibly thin Ramey warrant, it seemed impossible that it could possibly provide the basis for a murder prosecution or law practice takeover.

Though the Ramey warrant allegations have been confirmed to be unfounded, Carson’s prelim is allowed to drag on. Prosecutors have had a tiger by the tail, albeit one withering in jail, for almost a year; the motivation to delay the day their conduct becomes the issue is understandable, but wrong.

Since preventing the state bar takeover of Carson’s practice, we have watched this circus unfold. But objective reporting by The Bee has been glaringly absent. The Bee appears protective of an embroiled district attorney.

The prosecution is a story that needs to be told as a cautionary lesson about abuse of power. If this can happen to Carson, it can happen to any of us.

Kathleen Ewins, attorney, San Francisco