Letters to the Editor

Dolores Cox: Protect the public from vicious dogs

Re “Let us protect ourselves from dangerous dogs” (Page 13A, July 25): My thoughts are similar to the 67-year-old woman walking her dog. I used to walk in my neighborhood five or six mornings a week and have been attacked by two boxer types. There is one yard with a 6-foot redwood fence with a German shepherd that lunges all along that fence when I walk by.

About two months ago that German shepherd and a smaller dog got out of that yard and were on our property running free. If I had been in my yard gardening as usual I probably would have been a victim of attack again. On July 20 two large stray dogs of mixed breed came onto our property, which is along the Tuolumne River in Ceres. They ravaged our 14-year-old cat to the point we could not save her. It could have been me out in the garden. The trepidation and fear of loose dogs keeps me from walking.

We do not need to protect dogs over humans. To allow a dog to bite two people before being labeled vicious is incomprehensible. Assembly Bill 1825 should not be signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Dolores Cox, Modesto

Editors Note: AB 1825 was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on July 25. The law revokes the rule that requires dogs removed from dog-fighting operations to be destroyed. Instead, they would be observed and “rehomed” if judged redeemable.