Letters to the Editor

Marty Garber: Many reasons to fear a Clinton presidency

Re “In Trump vs. Clinton, will fear outweigh facts?” (Page 2D, July 24): There is fear, and well founded fear. I fear for the country we are leaving my grandchildren. I guess we shouldn't have any fear, though. President Obama told us so. According to him, the world is safer than ever. And he would never lie to us. "Hands up, don't shoot" happened, he said so. ISIS is the "JV team," he told us. ISIS is contained, he promised just two days before a horrible attack in Europe. And – Hillary never lied to us. Nothing classified in her emails. FBI chief says that's a lie. Nothing "work related" on her server, FBI chief says that's a lie. I could go on and on (and on...) but why bother?

Marty Garber, Modesto