Letters to the Editor

Tom Hallinan: Modesto in desperate need of new courthouse

As a former law clerk for the Judicial Council, I was extremely disappointed to see how they disingenuously advised our local leaders of the funding shortfall for new court construction in our area. That being said, I commend our local members of the Central Valley Legislative Caucus for standing up together to fight to maintain this critical funding.

Having appeared in courthouses throughout Central California, and in the Stanislaus County courthouse on a weekly basis, it's clear we desperately need a new one here in Modesto. It's severely overcrowded, and doesn't even have holding cells for prisoners to be kept before and after their court appearances. In this day and age that danger is more real than ever.

Our residents deserve the same safe and convenient access to justice as people who live in other parts of the state. So I again thank our local state legislators for crossing party lines and working together to keep the construction of our much needed new courthouse on track. Their desire to make sure this local coequal branch of government receives its fair share of resources is truly laudable.

Tom Hallinan, Ceres